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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a place to explore your current struggles and understand the surrounding beliefs, narratives, and circumstances that may be keeping you stuck.

I work with a variety of issues including but not limited to: anxiety, shame, grief, relationship issues, family struggles, vocation, spirituality, identity development, sexuality, and feelings of chronic stress, overwhelm, sadness, or loss of meaning.

Couples Counseling

Couples Therapy

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Often those coming to couples therapy have reached a point in their relationship where what has been, is no longer working. Sometimes there is deep pain, betrayal or mistrust, and other times couples are coming to improve and enliven an already fulfilling relationship. I have worked with couples in all stages, from those determining if they want to stay together, to those hoping to strengthen their bonds and find a deeper connection with one another going forward. Using evidenced-based interventions from Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), PACT, and the Gottman Method, I work with couples in all walks of life and sexual orientation/identity to find a sense of security and fulfillment in their important relationships.

Premarital couneling

Pre-marital Counseling

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As preparation for moving towards more commitment within their relationships, many people find premarital counseling helpful for building a shared vision for their future. Communication skills, expectations, relationship roles and rules, and navigating challenges are common topics in this work. While the term "premarital counseling" indicates this is for monogamous relationships heading towards marriage, contrarily, this work is appropriate for all types of partnerships hoping to gain clarity within their important relationships. I have experience working with non-monogamous and poly relationships, and work with people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

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